Corner View: Anything goes

Here are the shadows of the weekend. I found a moment of sun.d and warm in the middle of the north wind. Just to sit and have a drink after saturday food shoppings.
Hemen daude astebukaerako itzalak. Momentu bat topatu nun, eguzki eta bero momentu bat, ipar haize erdian. Eta justo eseri eta zeozer hartu nun sapatuko erosketekin.
Y aquí están las sombras del fin de semana. Un momento de sol y calor, en medio de un viento norte. Justo para tomar algo con las compras de comida del sábado.

This railways, which bring me travelling to youth interrail travels throw Europe. My first one, German, Switchland and Denmark. 17 days in a train. Just wandering.
Trenbidea, nork gazte egunetako bidaiak dakarzkidan burura. Interraila Europan zehar. Lehengoa, Alemania, Suiza eta Dinamarka.
El tren, que me trae recuerdos de viajes de juventud por Europa. El primero, Alemania, Suiza y Dinamarca.

This is a net I look everyday throw work window. It is a magpie net. In the middle of the industrial area. Just they come home every year. And everyday you can see the couple just flying and decorating it. It is the most real and beautiful feeling of life I can see.
Hau habi bat da. Egunero laneko lehiotik ikusten dut. Industrialdearen erdian dago. Eta urtero etorten dira habira. Eta egunero ikusten ditut hegaka, inguruan, bizitzaren errealitatea erakutsiz.

I really don´t know exactly what I have written about, but I think I have manage to capture the spirit of freedom of my little ninja.

17 comentarios:

  1. I love that first photo ! The chair shadows !! Neat !!

    My CORNER VIEW is up now too ! :)

  2. El sol del sábado! que gustito! y mira ahora que M de tiempo! beso

  3. very nice post ... and 17 days train trip - wow!

  4. Yes, I would agree anything went. Have a great week!

  5. So glad you could finally upload your photo's again! Looks like it's still a bit of sun and warmth left in your corner of the world. Enjoy it as much as you can; I know you need it, the sun! Love from icy Norway

  6. I think you covered it. smile... xo

  7. que bonito post! y gracias por tus lindas palabras en mi rinconcito. beso enorme!

  8. Nice photos Ibb... The shadow in the first shot is marvelous!

  9. impressive shadows! and the house for the birds... wonderful equilibre between nature and industry

  10. las sombras de las sillas son fantásticas.

    of course you did well, hun.
    that's the whole point, "anything goes", no rules. just yourself.

    ¿no te parece genial? un mundo sin reglas.
    yupi :)

  11. I think you have. And I'm glad you managed to upload photos!

  12. Hello just discovered your blog - great photos. So I will be your lastest follower. Feel free to have a peak at my blog.

  13. dear Ibb,
    how are you?

    you did it again :) you manage to capture so many thoughts, moments, feelings in one post
    i feel i am walking with you and i can hear your thoughts, it's precious to me, my friend thank you

  14. I love your quiet wanderings always, and the sunshine, and the rain..
    I received your special "something", it was a wonderful moment when my daughter said I got a package and handed it to me from the post box, and then I opened it while still outside and it was a full moon...your beautiful handwriting and things for the 5 senses. Thank you so much,
    with love, 


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