Computer problems

Hi everyone,
I am having problems with my computer and the blog
I am writting from one I have borrowed...so could not write a lot.

Hope to solve all problems soon or be able to borrow one for some moments.

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  1. Hi Ibb,

    So have I had some troubles with my blog with posts and other things. There are others having trouble too. I hope yours gets fixed real fast. xo

  2. Pozten nau arazo teknikoak besterik ez izatea.. kezkatzen hasia nintzen!
    Ongietorri Ibb, muxu bat eta ez desesperatu gehiegi makinekin ;)

  3. Espero que lo soluciones pronto!!! besos

  4. I think we are all waiting for you :)

    Big hug

  5. ze argazki politak!!! visitaré el blog amenudo, me encanta!!! saludos!!

  6. So nice to hear from you again; I've missed your wise comments! Good luck with sorting out the computer problem!

  7. I hope things will turn out ok soon. Nothing is as frustrating as computer problems!

    Nevertheless, enjoy your week! :)

  8. good luck & nice to see you.
    Enjoy the things you can do with extra time away from the computer!

  9. Reading your last comment on my blog, I clearly understand what it is that I missed about you; the honesty, the reflections, the bravery... Yes, soon we'll walk again!

  10. Hope it is fixed soon!!!
    You may not know - but in case you do - Do you still want to do corner view? We are updating the list to people who are participating. Please let me know either way. Thanks so much.

  11. Ah,good to hear from you ...
    Shame about the problems with computer...
    hope you manage to sort it out soon...
    Today autumn started- enjoy...and waiting for your posts...

  12. espero que ya lo hayas solucionado :)
    Es un rollo que te falle el ordenador; yo al menos me he vuelto dependiente...

  13. Beijinhos e coragem, por vezes é difícil não termos aquilo a que estamos habituados mas vai-se resolver:)

  14. take your time, here we are- just waiting for you :)

  15. Hello Ibb, it's very good day for you, you win a little gift on my blog ! Can you send me your postal adress? Have a beautiful day !

  16. Hope all goes well with getting your computer fixed. I know it can be so stressful!

  17. hope all's well, a hug from me as well:)


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