Corner view: Earth day

Just sit down. Breath deep and enjoy.
Eseri. Barnetik arnasa hartu eta gozatu.
Sientate. Respira hondo y disfruta.

Listen to the earth. She is singing.
Ama lurra entzun. Abesten dago.
Escucha a la tierra. Está cantando.

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  1. Those pics are so beautiful!!! thanks
    have a nice earth day!

  2. The best! Happy Earth Day!
    An earth meditation.

    And a PS, on the t.c. (tree-con-x-tion) that even though this is a virtual world, I feel the trees and the earth connecting us too. Much Love...

    I'll keep listening:))

  3. Refill the lungs of pure and fresh air is just wonderful!

  4. Vow-what a view...
    You are right- moments with friends are special...Especially when working alone...
    But every time I pass the clock on the church- remember you over there in beautiful south...
    Enjoy sun...

  5. What a lovely view to enjoy the world from. Have a fantastic week!

  6. I listen and I taste and smell and feel and touch. This earth is a pleasure to all my senses and I wish it to remain so for all future generations. Happy Earth Day to you.

  7. Oh my friend you are so lucky to have this view at your finger tip. Beautiful! xo

  8. The view. I am losing my breath.

  9. Yes she is singing, a beautiful spring song. Thank you for that!

  10. I always like the word 'disfruta' - it's kind of like, enjoy the fruits of the earth.

  11. Bonito sitio para estar en paz!

  12. What a gorgeous view!! We have a sunny beautiful day. I feel like going hiking now... Happy Earth Day!

  13. ps. enjoy the weekend, see you soon

  14. perfect post ... great sky and great view, I can feel the fresh and pure air !!

  15. qué bonita las fotos y qué bonito lo que has escrito :)
    muchisimas hracias a ti por pasarte una vez más, lo aprecio mucho.
    Cuando quieras perderte por París espero que me cuentes qué tal te ha ido, así podré soñar un poquito más con tener unas horas sabáticas imaginativas entre toda esa luz :)
    muchisimos besos

  16. Beautiful!!!! Perfect pictures for Earth Day!


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