Corner to corner rainy weekend

On Friday arrived a surprise from France. A little parcel with that travelling tomare and all those labels from all around the world. So nice to have the tomare with me in a rainy weekend. Just a ray of light.
Ostiralean Frantziatik heldutako eguzki izpi bereziak astebukaera beste modu batean ikustera bultzatu dit. Indar gehiagoz. Tomare. Geratu eta arnastu. Disfrutatu.
El viernes llegó de Francia un rayo de luz en forma de Tomare, con todas las tarjetas de toda esa gente por donde ha ido viajando. Y como un rayo de inspiración, el fin de semana se ha intentado aprovechar...de alguna manera, pese a la lluvia. Pese a estar en casa. 

Rain. Emptly streets. Blue general mood.
Euria. Berriro.
Lluvia, otra vez. Solo hemos tenido un simulacro de primavera hasta ahora.

Although I haven´t sell anything, I keep on trying new materials and new forms. Just for me, a external storage device cover.
Nahiz eta ezer ez saldu izan. Lanean jarraitzen det, materiale berriak probatuz. 
Aunque no haya vendido nada todavía, sigo probando materiales y formas. Para mí, una funda para la unidad externa de almacenamiento.

Cooking. Roasted pork sirloin with potatoes and onions with white wine. Love to have people at home just to cook a bit different.
Solomillo encebollado con vino blanco y patatas. Me gusta tener gente en casa para cocinar un poco.

What about your weekend? Anything new?

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  1. I love cooking, too - especially if friends are coming over! That pink yarn looks so lovely and summery. I hope you will get lots of sales soon! Best of luck to you!

  2. Good that you got a nice parcel druing all this rain (again). I wish you good luck with your shop, I think it takes time..., so don't bother but keep on doing, experimenting and developing.
    Your food looks sooo yummi!

  3. it was a rainy weekend here too, and i spent sunday cooking huge meals for my forever starving boys, sewing for my girl, and thinking about hubby far away. thanks for posting about corner to corner, and showing us pics!

  4. so fun to see tomare tenugui at home amongst your pinks, delicious roast and wine,
    even the rain ...thanks for showing it arrived and for a chance to `stop` and savor the pleasures with you...

    PS I wonder what the pink item is gonna be
    love your creativity...♡

  5. hey!
    i hadn't yet come and had a peek at the tomare...
    exciting, is it not?
    love to you,


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