Corner view:growing

There is a place quite near, where salt grows.
Gatza hazten den leku bat.
Un lugar donde la sal crece.

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  1. fascinating !! i wondered if it was salt or snow when i first glanced at the photo !!

  2. what an incredible substance: can't live without it, can't have too much of it - oh, balance in life :)!

  3. I, too, thought it was snow! How fabulous! I love the unexpected.

  4. What a strange place, I like these pictures!

  5. It looks like ice. What a wonderful thing phenomenon this is.

  6. amazing, first i thought it was ice and i was wondering were you live...but it is salt!!

  7. Wow, this is really amazing! Got freezy when I looked at the pictures and wondered why you're doing such an icy post in summer... ;o)
    Great version to deal with the subject!

  8. near to you?
    you lucky thing!
    salt residue calms me, i dunno why!!

  9. Ohhh! At first I thought these were taken in the winter! How magical! I wish we had a place like that around here.

  10. That's amazing!!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am so sorry about I have not visit your blog and updated my blog whole Summer... but I will be back soon! I hope you had a wonderful Summer.
    I was so busy with work, so didn't have a chance to travel... but hope this winter during holidays. :)
    Thank you again. Hope you have a great week. :) :)


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