After a little break

I had a week out of work. So I got lost.
Aste beteko oporraldia izan det eta galdu egin naiz.
He tenido una semana de vacaciones. Y me he perdido.

In a desert in the middle of the ocean. Where cactus where the only plants.Where camels walk around. Where salt can be taken from the ground.
Ozeano erdian dagoen desertu batean. Non kaktusak besterik ezin diren aurkitu. Non kameluak ikus daitezkeen. Non gatza lurretik hartu daitekeen.
Un desierto en medio del oceano. Donde los cactus son la planta estrella. Donde los camellos son medio de transporte. Donde se puede coger sal del suelo.

Where houses are white. And windows and doors are colored.
Non etxeak zuriz jantziak daude eta kolorea ate eta lehiotan dauden.
Donde las casas son blancas y las ventanas y puertas se visten de color.

Where volcanoes are everywhere. And land is dressed in black.
Non lurra beltzen jantzia dagoen.
Donde la tierra se viste de negro. Y los volcanes aparecen en cualquier sitio.

11 comentarios:

  1. Lanzarote is so beautiful and your pics really show that :)

  2. qué belleza de sitio debiste visitar! me encantan tus fotos y tu forma de describir el lugar... todo un poema!
    un beso!!

  3. I hope you had a lovely week! It looks like a beautiful island! It is always good to take a break and get lost somewhere lovely!

  4. Amazing!I guess you had a smashing time.


  5. beautiful photos and words to go with them. it's good to get lost now and then :)

  6. ha! lanzarote! yes, i was slowly beginning to think along those lines.. the isle is a dream of mine to go visit. you have just reminded me of that dream. now i see prooved it is that poetic, i must simply try to go.

  7. You found such beauty and wonders!!

  8. Oh, beautiful!! I've never been to Lanzarote, hopefully some day we'll get a chance. I'm glad you had some time off work, and were able to relax and reload your batteries. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  9. A nice break!!!!

    A new address to visit me : http://monddo.blogspot.com

    Read you soon?

  10. oh Lanzarote! I have been there only once, but immediately fell in love with the landscape. Could imagine to live there. Hope you enjoyed it


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